January 22, 2022


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An Easy Guide on How to pay a Traffic Penalty in UAE

When you are driving a vehicle on the road, it is quite possible that you may break the traffic rules consciously or unconsciously. If the traffic warden didn’t notice, then there is a chance that you may go but if you are noticed, you will have to pay fine for the traffic violation. Then, you may receive an SMS that you’ve brought about a fine in the UAE. So, if it’s your first time to pay any fine in Dubai, and you don’t have any idea about the process. Read this article to get help with a guide on how to pay a traffic fine in the UAE.

What is Basically a Traffic Fine and the traffic Violation?

In the UAE, there is an aggregate of 140 petty criminal offenses which incorporate speeding, wrongfully stopping, messaging and driving, etc. Most if not all streets in the UAE are observed by radars that can find speeding drivers as well as output number plates to check enlistment subtleties including lapse dates. Traffic Police and Police Patrol units can, for the most part, be spotted around the city particularly during top times of heavy traffic, occasions and so on. You must clear all the charges or fines before you plan to sell your car in Dubai.

The Method to Check for Traffic Fines?

Other than the undeniable instant message you get from Dubai Police expressing you have been given a fine for reasons unknown, you can check the Dubai Police site for all fines and dark focuses gathered inside a year’s time period. Take into account as long as 24 hours for fines to appear.

The Dubai RTA has a convenient application you can download on Android and ISO called Drive Dubai. In the application, you can connect your traffic record which gives you simple access to fines, vehicles enlisted in your name more. You can pay fines gave in Dubai possibly, regardless of whether your vehicle is enlisted in another Emirate. In the event that you’ve been pulled over by the Police, you’ll be given the fine there and afterward. To sell any car in Dubai, you may clear all the charges before making any car deals. You can’t pay the fine on the spot so you should utilize one of the accompanying strategies beneath.

  • Any Traffic Police Department like RTA, EPPCO Tasjeel or Shamil and Empost/Post office.
  • Online by means of the regarded Police site contingent upon the Emirate. A credit/platinum card is the main accessible installment strategy.
  • You may select cell phone applications to pay the fine, including the RTA Dubai Drive and Dubai Police application.

Regardless of which technique you decide to pay, an AED 20 information/development charge will be applied. If you have a fine in an alternate Emirate you will most likely be unable to pay it through RTA/Dubai Police administrations, you may need to go to the Emirate of which the fine was acquired or pay it online by means of the Emirates regarded authority site.

Certain fines accompany the charges called “Black Points” and conceivable vehicle seizure for as long as 90 days. Of the 140 criminal traffic offenses, two don’t have a foreordained sum; those two will be controlled by the court. All the charged fines by the UAE police must be paid off before you place to sell any car in Dubai or other parts of the UAE.

How to Clear Black Points?

If you have gained the black of points due to some traffic violations, they will not be discharged from your license for one year. Here is a list of black points you may obtain.

Traffic Violation Black Points Notes
Use the car to carry or transport passengers without permission 24 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To Transport inflammable or hazardous materials without permission of the police 24 Vehicle seized for 30 days
To drive the vehicle under the influence of psychotropic, narcotics or related matters 24 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To driving dangerously that impacts the security of others 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To Drive in an insecure way that injures the public or private property 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To driving under the influence  of alcohol* 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To be the reason for the death of others 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To cause a serious accident or injuries 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To exceed the speed limit by more than 80 km/h 23 Vehicle seized for 60 days
To drive a vehicle without plates 23 Vehicle seized for 90 days
To exceed the speed limit by more than 60 km/h 12 Vehicle seized for 30 days
To drive a noisy vehicle 12
To drive through a red light 12 Vehicle seized for 30 days
To drive away from a traffic police officer 12 Vehicle seized for 30 days
To modify the vehicle engine or chassis without permission 12
To violate the terms of the driving license 12

A detailed look at these points placed in the table above and try to avoid these black points on your license. We hope you understand the process to pay the fine in Dubai and make sure you cannot sell your car If you have any fines pending.